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Dome Speaker

Speaker Dome consists of two satellites and a subwoofer, but their geodesic design serves another purpose besides look cool. It gives level flight magnetic to join the two satellites at their base. put them in all directions to get the sound exactly where you want. The subwoofer magnetic floats, only supported by three thin rods floods the room with bass. Sexy sound. more images after the break...

Designer: Matej Korytar

ZIIIRO Mercury

Designer Robert Dabi decided to make it a reality as the ZIIIRO. Those of you who love his unique approach to telling time need to order one now. He’s even designed a metal mesh version if the original cuff isn’t your style. I want one, I want one bad. We’re incredibly proud of Robert’s success. Get it!

XSCAPE - Lines of Light on Wheels of Speed

Devour if you will this escape from urbanization, the XSCAPE is from a time and place unknown to us as of yet, a concept car for 2030. Daily commuting is what this lady is for, flexible and narrow for the condensed spaces of the future. Flexible materials are mixed with solids for a safe ride and trip – this car can also extend horizontally to accommodate more than one rider.

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