If Apple Made A Foleo

Ah Foleo, the infamous Palm Smartphone computer assistant we’ll never see. Sure the hardware was lackluster and left people wondering why they would carry yet another device around, especially one so underpowered. Of course, maybe if Palm had some of that Apple magic, they’d come up with something like the iFolio.

Music Vortex – Water Speaker by Eric Zheng

Bronze prize winner of the Chinese design competition Soundbox held by speaker manufacturer 3Nod, designer Eric Zheng created the Music Vortex. A speaker system that produces vehement vibration of water via resonance. It works by having a built-in metronome which enlarges music rhythm to stable vibration and producing pretty ripples through the vibrating perch in the middle. Volume is adjusted by turning the 3nod switch located in the middle as well.
Designer: Eric Zheng

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