LG Exo Phone

Phone Support For Beauty

You got to agree that the skeletal system is a genius of design; it protects the delicate organs inside while giving support to our lustrous skin. If we were to apply the same design for our mobile phones then it’s quite possible to wipe out the peripheral “phone covers and cases” industry. I’m talking about the LG Exo Smartphone Concept. The key feature in this concept is a high strength polymer exoskeleton for protecting the delicate internal components while supporting its external rubber skin.

The end result is a good-looking phone that does not require any protective case that mars its beauty. You get to enjoy the phone in its intended avatar! The reason why I relate to this concept is that my gorgeous iPhone lies hidden beneath this hideous cover, lest it falls down and cracks!
Designer: Benjamin Lotte. More images after the break...

Nokia Kinetic - Concept Phone

British designer Jeremy Hopkins decided to create an unique phone concept, Nokia Kinetic, that turns digital information into kinetic energy. What does this mean? Well, basically, the phone will stand up on its own, once you get a notification, thanks to a kinetic energy-based system. More images after the break...

Wireless Baby Monitor

Keep an extra pair of eyes (and ears) on your baby from anywhere in the house with this Wireless Baby Monitor, which features night vision and remote pan/tilt control.  With this Wireless Baby Monitor, you finally have the freedom to watch TV, entertain guests, do household chores, exercise, and even sleep with peace of mind that you will always know when your baby needs you. A 2.5 inch LCD screen lets you to keep an eye on the little ones without having to wake them, while the built-in mic allows you to hear their every cry and yell. More after the break...

N Board - Regular stand for iPad

Fresh from the streets of Korea comes the N-Board, a new gadget which lets you convert your iPad into an (almost) full-fledged netbook computer. More images after the break...

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