One Person Camper APE

Do you know about the Piaggio APE 50? It’s the cutest little three wheeled vehicle you’ll ever set your eyes on. Do you love camping? How about totally on your own? How about camping totally on your own inside an APE?

A Purple Suit Turned Auto

Have you ever ever ever in your long long life heard of “De Tomaso” car manufacturing company? They’ve done well, almost went into liquidation a few years ago, and are now back in business. And you know who wants to be on their team? Designer Frederik Tjellsesen. And he’s done one heck of a job creating a concept to catch their eye. Tjellsesen’s created a four-door sports car by the name of “Ghepardo,” accenting the fabulously modern gray with a smooth, sensual purple.

Strollin into the Future

Babies brush your shoulders off, you’re about to be rolling in the most pimp baby vehicle I’ve ever set my sights on. This project is called “Stroller Bumbel” and it’s a whole new look at transporting babies from place to place. Designer Ascanio Afan de Rivera asks why the baby stroller form has only gone a few steps from its origin in all its years of existence?

Cooking Outdoors A Little More Bearable

I really dislike camping. The need to commune with nature isn’t enough of a reason to rough it. I can enjoy the view just the same from a cabin thank you very much. If you nag me about it, I’ll say it’s the cooking. Camp food sucks but the Kuzmit social cooker might pry me away long enough from my 400 thread count sheets to engage in a little R&R. It’s modern, easy to clean, and looks quite fun to use. See the guy leaning back eating while the woman cooks? Yea, I’m that guy.
Designer: Boaz Lazar

Voice Recorder Bone

So you’ve got a voice recorder in your phone you say? So you’ve got one in your MP3 player, yes? Well they’re the worst! When it comes time to integrate, one of the greatest parts of industrial design quite often I must say, there are occasionally concessions that must be made. Designer Dror Goldblum knows this, and in order to save the ever-important voice recorder device from crap-level quality forever, he created this bone!

Projector Camera Smily Face

Don’t let the designer fool you, it’s THREE things in one. This is “Pico,” a projector/video camera, two in one. The third thing is the cuteness. It has a camera for an eye, a projector for another eye, and a microphone for a smile. And what’s that? It’s got fold-out feet so it can stand on its own? Oh my goodness yes. It also has the ability to plug a tripod into it, but that’s neither here nor there. Isn’t this little guy just the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?

Roly Poly Iron Part Two

I’ve been watching BBC’s The Genius of Design and it has totally re-educated my perspective of the Industrial Design profession. The genius of design is in offering solutions to a problem in such a way that they don’t compromise on our routine habits. The other aspect of designing that I understood was that it’s not wrong for designers to try and improvise an existing solution, with their own perceptions. Usually I disregard a design submission that is very similar to a published post, but this time around I want to bring out the two and spark a debate on the design challenge.

QWERTY Keyboard For iPhone, For Real!

I’ve always had a problem with typing fast and accurately with my iPhone, and like most Indian users who use local lingo in our English messages; the auto dictionary for misspellings is no help. So it had to be a fellow Indian to come up with an alternate solution.

Steady Support For iPad Sketching

The rounded form of the iPad gives it a very sleek look, but may not the ideal form when using it as a sketch pad on the table. The iSketch offers a snug-fitting protective support for the device, plus doubles up as a powermat for charging it.

Fold Your Saddle

It’s time to fold that transport all the way up. Get atop your bike, ride it, then store it. No more leaving it outside for bike thieves to chop up for you, nay! This is “Le Pliable,” a fold-up bike concept by Saul Maret. This one’s based on the central headset position with an X silhouette. Foldable in the frame, saddle, pedals, swingarm, and handlebar.

Too Many Ports At Once

The literal explanation for the “Change”, multiple ports hub is quite weird so I’m going to stick with my inferences of the product. The hub is basically a station where you can hook up all your computer peripherals and media gadgets and from it a single wire goes into the CPU.

One Step Closer To Interactive Television

In the late 80’s I remember seeing many television concepts designed to engage the user. Remember Smell-O-Vision? Designers recognized interactivity was the future but they couldn’t foresee the advanced software and hardware solutions we have today.

Throne Fit For A Star King

Some chairs are better suited for sitting. Some are better suited for viewing. From the look of this new chair design by Darko Markovic, this chair was meant for both. The “Hodie Chair”(Hodie is Latin for “today”) is a minimalistic design with a wide, surefooted stance.

Universally Customized

If you are planning on being an urban crime fighter but still can’t justify the gas guzzling tendencies of most superhero vehicles, well your ride has (conceptually) arrived. Designer Jean Baptiste Robilliard has rendered up this “CUSTOM BIKE CONCEPT” that would make Bruce Wayne’s attorneys take notice. Jean Baptiste describes it as a “two wheel muscle car”, hiding it’s electrical drivetrain and batteries in the frame. Featuring a FORMULA 1 inspired KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM (KERS), that essentially coverts your braking into energy.
Originally conceived as a single global design, this customizable creation could be the shape of things to come.

Commodore Invictus — The Computer keyboard

Yes this is Keyboard with Computer, More images after the break....

Most exotic and Expensive Bugatti Veyrons

supercar would be limited to an exclusive production run of just 300 units. As if the original Bugatti Veyron supercar wasn’t enough, a number of limited edition, super luxurious Veyrons have been rolled out over the years. Hit the jump to see some of the most exotic and expensive Bugatti Veyrons spotted till date.
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport
The first build slot for the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport was sold at the Pebble Beach auction in 2008 for a whopping $2.9 million. It was a Targa model with a removable polycarbonate roof. The Grand Sport roadster model boasts a top speed of 253 mph when the roof is in place and 223.7 mph when the roof is stowed away. The highlights are the slightly higher windscreen, stylized daytime running lights, and lightweight and the transparent polycarbonate roof. More images after the break...

Hannibal Lecter’s iPhone 4

Well here it is folks. The be-all, end-all of iPhone 4 cases. This case not only puts an end to “AntennaGate 2010″, but also effectively imprisons your iPhone behind a cage of steel and delrin. Designer Ryan Glasgow brings his meticulously built, hand made creation to market for a reasonable $95 USD. Features include a 304 stainless steel body, hinged lid, elastic band for holding cards or locking the lid in place and delrin fastener housings. No word on its durability so if any of you Yanko readers out there buy one, please drop us a note.

Amazing No Spokes Cycle

A bike that’s got a really unique combination of different wheel sizes, a toothed belt drive and hub less rear wheel! The USP being the gyroscopic effect of a large wheel aiding speed and more road-surface contact adding stability. The small front wheel saves space and enhances maneuverability. For a change, here is a concept that goes into a working prototype to prove its point, hope you enjoy the video!

Beautiful Balena

Sometimes simple lines and fluid depictions translate into gorgeous results like the Balena. Designed as a bathroom sink faucet, Lu cleverly mixes metal with tinted green transparent plastics to highlight the functional beauty of the water valves inside. A built-in single axis hinge allows you to turn the spout up and down, plus the water flow can be manually adjusted at anytime. I’m curious to see how an entire bathroom range of fitting in this line will turn up and of course color combinations in this can get wild and exciting!
Designer: Wen-Yo Lu

Small Fuel Cell Olympics

Do you know the future? Do you know what will happen during the Helinski Olympics of 2030? Finland will be there, I would hope. Finland will be represented by a small fuel cell powered vehicle that’ll offer tours around the whole arena of sights showing off the fabulousness of indigenous Finland. See Finland’s entirety in this fantastic environmentally sound, tiny cute car. Made from local glass, wool felt, recycled bio plastic, bent birch plywood, and ceramics.

Nike Hindsight Gives You Unparalleled Vision

The urban jungle isn’t exactly the safest place for bicyclists. You need the right tools to keep you one step ahead of irresponsible motorists. The Nike Hindsight gives you superhuman like powers with extended peripheral vision so all those sneaky cars, beware.

Vital Monitoring System by Dan Bishop

The Vital monitoring system was designed with ease of use in mind. With only a few main operational steps, medical staff are able to effortlessly take and record a patients vitals data using the Vital monitoring system. First, a baseline vitals reading is taken manually, to reference future readings from.Then, whenever a new reading is needed, the patient is informed via light vibration that their vital signs need to be measured and recorded. Next, the patient swipes the temperature sensor, located on the bottom of the monitor, across their forehead.

The Turning Point For A Phone

I love covering concept phones that may not have substance to them (tech-backing), but nevertheless are fun to read about. Featured here is a concept Sony Ericsson FH Mobile Phone that has a pivotal point to it. It flips vertical on a pivot to mimic a phone and rotates sideways to become a viewing screen for the media functions and web browsing. The phone even becomes an intercom of sorts when split into two, allowing easy communication between the two parties holding each end. What a high-tech walkie-talkie this would make!
Designer: Du Jun

Yellow Looks Good On Coffee

For the first time I’m spying a Yellow Coffee Machine and I quite like it. Designed by Yaniv Berg, the piece has been inspired by works of the Italians designers and the Bauhaus stream of thought, hence the simple and minimal touch. The machine integrates 3 tubes for brewing and a definitive upper plate to keep the cups. What I want to know, is that will it brew my favorite blend of java or does it need a Yellow Submarine for company!

Designer: Yaniv Berg

Sugar, In And Out Quickly!

The In Out Bottle for sugar dispensing has a very clever twist to it, the silica gel mouth kinda in-turns to form a funnel, so that you don’t spill the sugar while refilling it. Reminds me of the funnel refill bottle for soaps we did recently. So I guess the consensus is that funnels incorporated into the lid cuts around two steps in the refilling process, hence better! What do you think?

Carbonless and Twistable

You’re riding your bike through the mountains. You hit a bump. Your water bottle flies out, jumps off a cliff, and you’re left to want for water the rest of your journey. What SHOULD you have done? You should have gotten this “Anyway” bottle cage designed by Ian Hsu. Know why? The Anyway is made of non-carbon fiber material that not only looks fabulous, but is both lighter and more rigid than the competition.
And why is it called Anyway? It can be put on your bike “any way” – due to the unique adjustable screw chute, the bottle holder can be held tight at any angle, whichever way the biker wants to grab at.
Designer: Ian Hsu for T-One

BlackBerry Torch Officially Presented

We just got a quick hands-on with the BlackBerry Torch - unfortunately our unit wasn't powering on. We're headed back for more in just a second and there's video on the way, but check the gallery for some hardware shots and some Droid X / iPhone 4 head-to-head action right now! We're headed back for more in just a second and there's video on the way, but check the gallery for some hardware shots and some Droid X / iPhone 4 head-to-head action right now! More images after the break...

Phone On Board

This is sexy enough to make me want a handset. Phone On Board originated by observing how space is used around a phone. People make calls but also keep pens, notes, keys – any number of things. The design itself is minimal enough to live in Muji stores and I love how the no-frills design of the handset brings all the attention to the base plate. Stunning example of design by extension and adaptation.
Designers: Shin Go Eun & Giha Woo

Amazing Pen Full Of Memories

Bond and his clan are always sporting innovative gadgets that look cool and make us plebs feel in-adept! Taking a pot-shot at Q’s ability is the U Drive Memory Pen and will hopefully be a fitting answer to pen and memory needs! Let me explain, the tip of this slick ink-less pen actually holds sensors that “read” and store the written text / sketches into the built-in memory card. The info thus stored can be accessed via the USB key at the rear of the pen. In short you don’t need any paper to jot down notes, just the action of writing on any surface (hand, table, paper etc.) is sufficient. It doesn’t even require external battery and recharges when hooked into the comp.

Disposable Printer

The Instant Cartridge Printer is an awesome idea modeled on the lines of how disposable cameras are dispensed. The plan is to buy a cartridge printer off the shelf, according to the paper size you plan on using. Related info like print speed, print resolution and color is provided on the packaging itself.

Only the Flyest Hanging

You know you’ve got to hang your clothes up when you want to attain full fashion victory, right? Well you DO. And to do it, you’ve got to have the most flight-ready hangers. There is only one way. The “Hangar” hanger from Chetan Sorab. It’s shaped like an airplane. Inspired from early World War aircraft, made mostly for kids, but also for me, because I love it.

One Frame to Many Frames

Over the past few years, digital photo frames have become a rather popular gift to be given to friends and family at holidays, a staple to be kept in living rooms around the world, a great way to show entire albums at once for all walks of life. But up until now each of these frames has only been able to work on their own. How would you like to have a modular system of these frames, able to work in tangent with one another, all in-box ready to use at your command?

Fold The iPad Or Double The iPhone To Get A Link

That would be my simple explanation for the Intel Link Concept Phone. Easy and simple, the idea exploits the benefits of smartphones, computers and notebooks and linking them together in a dual screen phone. As the twins explain it (Mark n David are twins!) “Link with a dual screen allows for unique interaction while being in constant contact with a partnering notebook, utilizing the notebooks processing power, hard drive and software. The hand set has back to back screens, offering unique scope of interactivity.” Sweet!
Designers: Mark Law & David Law for Particle Design
Link with Intel from Particle Design on Vimeo.

Orbital Force In Washing Clothes

What are your steps for laundry at home? Sorting clothes in separate baskets, loading the washer with the first batch and then adjusting the detergent…finally get the washed batch out into a basket and dry em up. Load the next! How about cutting a few steps in the process, revamping the concept of washing machines and getting you an Orbital? The machine-drum here is the basket…two baskets actually, white for the whites and blue for the color clothes. So in practice you sort the clothes as and when you discard them, load the drum and carry that same very drum to the drying lines, after the washing is done!

Space Saving Kitchen Table

The Cook n’ Roll is super compact but has all the necessary equipment for basic food prep and cleanup – cooktop, dishwasher, sink, oven, storage and sanitizer. The sliding top is inductive  and can opened to reveal a sink basin. Not sure where the water comes from without plumbing but it magically appears with touch controls. The top itself rests moves thru a negative ion slate to sanitize, just like the nano coated jungle of spikes that holds the dishes.
Designer: Zivile Januskaityte

Firefighters 1, Fires 0

Based on the IFEX 3000, the HPI 1000 Impulse Gun is designed for fast and effective control of small fires. With 25 bars of pressure, 1 liter of water can accelerate to over 400 km/h atomized through a special membrane. The high exit velocity enables deep penetration into a fire, curbing the heat within. Bad ass! If only I could get this for the next company water gun fight.
Designer: Jan Thinius

BioErgonomic Pen Is Inspiring

I love a designer that understands ergonomics but I love one that understands humor even more. This BioErgonomic pen is shaped to better fit in the hands. The squatter base helps it rests between the fingers and that bump keeps it from slipping. Designer Mohsen Tafazzoly admits “usage probability for women is higher than men.” I wouldn’t count your stats too quickly. I know a lot and I do mean A LOT of men that would buy this. Oh and look, the ink color is denoted by the umm… the head.
Designer: Mohsen Tafazzoly

New Taste of Windows Phone 7 Interface

Jozef KocĂșr reveals a new idea of his, a version of the Windows Phone 7 interface, pictured below. This concept UI is more about customizing the already known aspects of the OS, by adding them what would be needed on a future XPERIA smartphone.


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