XSCAPE - Lines of Light on Wheels of Speed

Devour if you will this escape from urbanization, the XSCAPE is from a time and place unknown to us as of yet, a concept car for 2030. Daily commuting is what this lady is for, flexible and narrow for the condensed spaces of the future. Flexible materials are mixed with solids for a safe ride and trip – this car can also extend horizontally to accommodate more than one rider.

Corvette Car Project by James Robbins

Take a peek at this brand new vision for the future form of the Corvette. This is a project worked on by a Transportation Design student James Robbins, one where the entire history of the Corvette was researched and the design language and progression was noted and accounted for. The images you’re about to see are what this designer sees as the next logical step in the long line of super sleek, fashionable, ultra sporty vehicles. More images after the break...

Electric Motorbikes as Tires

Behold an electric motor vehicle who indeed does fit the mold of “more than meets the eye.” This is no robot though, it’s a compact urban city car, but what’s more is that its rear wheels transform into bikes. Each of these bikes have only a single tire, functioning on the same system as the Segway! The car with the bikes still integrated has a light weight structure, 2 parallel side panels and a bunch of cross panels making the car like a feather yet totally tough.
To separate the bikes from the car, you’ve only to open the rear hood, take the bumper out, set down the stand to keep the car aloft, remove the docking lock, and activate the bike. A couple more features in the car are a solar panel roof, glass panels for side doors, and an overall essence of architecture embedded in the whole structure.
This project is a 2010 Red Dot Design Awards winner!
Designer: Bobin Kil

The TRON Bike

Iterations and iterations! If there's one thing a tech and design writer cannot possibly ignore or resist, it's Tron. With this brand freaking new movie Tron: Legacy out now, the folks at Disney have basically a sure shot as far as the internet crowd goes, and for the most part, everyone riding on the wave has their own shot at fifteen minutes of fame. Here's a designer taking that opportunity to the max with some alternate Light Cycle designs made for your pleasure!

Rotating 360° multi-outlet socket system

Rotating 360° is a multi-outlet socket system that allows you to add many sockets to the strip – ala Lego style. The main feature is that you can turn around the socket-outlets in any direction, so as to accommodate various plugs. You have to admit that this is a cool idea.
Designers: Cheng-Hsiu Du & Chyun-Chau Lin

Special Hexound Headset

The very special Hexound is a headset that detaches to become portable speakers. The cool-quotient is brought in by the solar panel fixed in the headband. Specs include Bluetooth connectivity and intuitive controls.

TRON Watch for Glowy Goodness

Wait a second, didn't I just write about this? Wait no! I just wrote about something that'd go REALLY WELL with this, the Campbell version Light Cycle by Wallace Campbell! Ride on down the grid with that and this and you'll be the bell of the ball. What we're looking at HERE isn't a cycle, it's a watch. Everyone loves a good watch here at Yanko Design, right? This is no exception. Shiny lights and a unique way of looking at time? Right on.

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